Throughout my life I have had allergies, stomach problems, chronic sinus infections and I was and constantly on antibiotics. I had borderline Rheumatoid Arthritis, testosterone issues, low thyroid, adrenal gland insufficiency and several other health challenges. Even with these issues, I achieved professional and personal success. I had opened my own business and loved being physically active and staying fit.

However, the years and the stress of running my business and being on the road took a toll on me physically, emotionally and spiritually. By age 44, any physical exertion would make me sick for days. My body always hurt. I tried a litany of treatments like high doses of Vitamin C through IVs, Ozone and UV therapy and more. I even went to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic where I got a diagnosis of chronic fatigue, severe allergies and a type of reflux that created lung congestion.

At that point my medical and personal bills were adding up. I was losing my health, my money, my sanity and my clients. One day I finally said to the universe “I give up. If I have to lose everything I am willing to let it all go.” At that point I turned it all over to the universe…Everything that I was trying so hard to control, I released.

I was at one of my doctors and had a meltdown. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better. She shut the door and offered her advice. “I’m going to be honest with you and no other doctor is going to tell you this. When we have a patient that doesn’t get well it means something spiritually isn’t right.” This was the turning point in my health. She took the time and helped me more than any other doctor. When I started dealing with my spiritual issues my health started to improve dramatically.

A client told me about her mindfulness routine and that really helped me manage the stress in my life. Another client had an uncle that was a medical intuitive. He was the first of several intuitives to help me learn to love myself and heal old wounds.

It’s amazing how people show up when you are ready. As they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Years later my health is so much better, so I know that recovery is possible. It doesn’t always take the path you imagine, and isn’t always linear. Much of disease can be based on emotions we trap in our energetic bodies which affect our physical wellbeing. That old grudge or trauma we hold onto can make us sick.

My job now is to guide you through this process, help you transmute old trauma and return you to health. After going through the healing process and continuing on my journey I realized that my life’s purpose is to help others heal and to lessen their pain whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual.