“It feels like he is a very accurate human XRay machine.”

Nevine Jacxsens

“Edward’s session was a wonderful experience. It feels like he is a very accurate human XRay machine.

Prior to the session, I truly appreciate Edward does not want to know anything in order not to be influenced. He tunes in and can pinpoint with great accuracy areas in the body with some need for attention. For example, I had asked Edward to tune into my neck. He directly spotted I had a past trauma on my C2. The accuracy really baffled me. Additionally, he spotted with great accuracy other areas that were troubling such as my knee, ear and foot. Not only does he see the area that needs some attention, he is also able to provide the emotions attached to them.

I am very grateful for my session with Edward and would really recommend it. Not only for his services, but also for the great, kind and charismatic Soul Edward is 🙏✨.” – Nevine Jacxsens