Life Coach

An A.R.E. certified professional life coach follows the teachings of Edgar Cayce and treats the whole person focusing on mind, body and spirit. In this practice we guide clients towards physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Edgar Cayce declared that full health and vitality are not merely the absence of disease, but the presence of meaning and purpose in one’s life activities. The A.R.E. utilizes the holistic views of Edgar Cayce, which are designed to help bring out a clients healthiest physical and mental state and to stay motivated on their spiritual and professional path.


  • Understand the meaning and purpose of your life
  • Set goals and develop a plan for making them a reality
  • Discover your true potential and lead a more fulfilling, successful life
  • Change your thought patterns and discover solutions to life’s challenges

Using tools found within the Edgar Cayce readings and other sources, you will be assisted and guided to utilize tools such as meditation, ideals, dream work, and hypnosis, combined with positive psychology, lifestyle changes, and working with attitudes and emotions. Let me help you open up to new infinite possibilities all while helping make your life healthier and tap into your true potential!