What is a Holistic Life Coach?

Written by on September 8, 2021

First and foremost life coaches are not certified therapists. Life Coaches are more about helping someone achieve a goal, change a habit or go through certain life transitions or even spiritual needs. A holistic life coach is doing the same thing but taking all mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into account. We will use our time discussing meditation, prayer, or whatever religious tradition appeals. In my practice I believe everyone needs a strong spiritual foundation whether you follow a certain tradition or just came up with your own spiritual or ceremonial rituals. All of us as humans have a strong desire for that connection from where we came. We will even dive into the realm of your dreams and their importance to you and your spiritual growth.

A session would consist of talking about events during the week, your personal goals, spiritual practices and dreams to name a few of the subjects. The session structure would change based on desired outcome. If someone is coming for spiritual guidance their personal practices would be a primary focus during the session. Someone wanting to quit smoking it would be more about have you been utilizing the suggestive therapeutics, journal work and address the suffering, trauma and shame that comes along with the addictive struggle. Each and every clients session should be tailor made for their personal needs. All with a focus on the whole person making sure our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects are being taken care of and nurtured. It can sound like a lot of work but going through the process with someone to help guide your way is a great way to make it a manageable endeavor.

There would also be time dedicated to meditation or other mindfulness practices. These are helpful with getting in touch with ones own guidance. This is something we all have and just need to develop the ability to listen. Mindfulness practices like meditation allow us to stop the inner chatter so that we can hear our inner voice more clearly. Our job would be developing that relationship until it becomes a dependable source of reassurance.

Lastly with my clients I use the Edgar Cayce approach to life coaching. He was the most well documented psychic/medical intuitive to have ever lived. Through his coaching beliefs and guidance we will help you achieve your full potential.

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