The Truth About Healing

Written by on September 8, 2021

Why do we get sick? Can someone be healed? What does healing mean? Is there anything I can do to help with the process?

In the process of living things happen to us emotionally and we can feel the feelings, naturally let the emotional healing process take place and go on with life. If we choose to deny our feelings and/or use other things to numb us out emotionally we can cause this unprocessed emotion to be placed in the body. As time goes by we might start to notice issues with our body not knowing this is related to something we stored in our energy field. One can determine type of emotional injury just on placement of the source of concern in the body. Inflammation is typically caused by anger, stomach issues can be related to fear, leg issues usually have to do with stability or foundation in ones life. These are guides but not always 100% correct. This is why each person needs to be looked at and reviewed individually.

Healing in ones life can take on many different forms. Sometimes routines or dietary issues and concerns need to be addressed. Energy blockages in the body are usually the main concern for people wanting healing. If the energy is blocked in the body pain will be the result. A very wise friend of mine always says “Where there is pain there is no flow and where there is flow there is no pain.” We just need to get the flow turned back on so we can get rid of the pain.

How do we get the flow to go? There are many different techniques that we can utilize in the healing process. Cleaning and clearing out old wounds. Soul retrieval and ancestry healing work. The transmission of universal life force directly to the person needing to be healed. Changing of mental patterns which might be holding us back and attracting negative thing to come into our lives. Also past life healing work too. I know, I know it sounds crazy but we can have old karmic energy come through into this life and cause problems in our present day. Born with a strange birthmark or health issue that nobody can explain? That is usually the first clue of a past life issue. If a Dr cannot diagnose you it might be a past life trauma coming through. We have ways of working with and clearing up this old negative energy pattern.

Most of the time the best thing for a person to do to help with their mood or health issues is to change your outlook on life. Sounds super easy right? You don’t have to change over night and it will probably be a struggle but it is really worth the effort. With our negative out looks and negative energy we can draw negativity to us. I used to think that I had the worst luck of anyone. Have you ever met anyone that has been mugged? Twice??? Plenty of stuff like that in my life has happened. Always seemed to have something negative in my life and never anything good. Finally one day started changing the way I think. This happened accidentally through starting a daily meditation practice and for me positive thinking was a happy byproduct. Through this positive thinking my life changed dramatically. Don’t consider myself the unluckiest person anymore and the best part is no longer attracting all of that negativity and drama into my life. It has been proven to me that we do manifest our own reality.

So this is the healing journey in a nutshell. It’s not all about zapping you and making you better even though that can be one part of the process. It’s about healing those old wounds and opening up to our own innate healing potential which is limitless by design. Usually people are surprised to see how much of the healing process is about inner work and getting rid of anger and resentments. This inner work can be emotional but doesn’t have to be painful. We need to process the emotions and bring our energy bodies back into alignment so we can heal. We are beings of infinite potential. We are so much more than what we know.